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We are an Armed Private Security Firm based in Washington State.

Guardian of Freedom - An Armed Private Investigations Firm in Washington State

Guardian of Freedom is a private investigations firm based in Washington State that specializes in providing a wide range of investigative services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. The firm is dedicated to protecting the freedom and privacy of its clients by providing discreet and confidential investigations.

Some of the services offered by Guardian of Freedom include background checks, surveillance, asset searches, skip tracing, and computer forensics. The firm also provides investigative services related to civil and criminal cases, as well as investigations into fraud, embezzlement, and other white-collar crimes.

Guardian of Freedom has a team of experienced investigators who are licensed and trained to handle complex investigations. The firm is committed to providing high-quality services to its clients, and it strives to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in all its investigations.

If you are in need of investigative services in the Washington state area, Guardian of Freedom can help. Contact the firm today to schedule a consultation and discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Confidentiality at Guardian of Freedom

Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of the services provided by Guardian of Freedom. The firm understands that its clients require the utmost discretion and privacy, and it takes great care to protect their confidentiality.

All employees of Guardian of Freedom are required to sign a confidentiality agreement that outlines their responsibilities in safeguarding client information. The firm also uses secure technology and protocols to protect client data and ensure that it remains confidential.

In addition, Guardian of Freedom adheres to all relevant laws and regulations related to confidentiality, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which requires financial institutions to protect the privacy of client information.

The firm's commitment to confidentiality means that it will not disclose any client information to third parties without express permission from the client, unless required to do so by law. This includes not discussing ongoing investigations with anyone outside of the firm, as well as not disclosing the identity of clients or any details of their cases without their consent.

Overall, Guardian of Freedom understands that confidentiality is essential to maintaining the trust and confidence of its clients, and it takes this responsibility very seriously. Clients can rest assured that their information is safe and secure when working with Guardian of Freedom.

About Private Investigator - Romeo Rodriguez

As a private investigator with nearly 20 years of experience, rest assure your issue is a priority. I spent 14 years in the United States Army Infantry. With 4 deployments to hostile countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, surveillance and public safety comes naturally. Professionalism and dedication to the task at hand is consistently essential.

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