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Investigative Services

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Performed by Highly Experienced Investigators

Armed Security
Surveillance & Undercover
Witness Statements & Interviews

Armed security officers may be in a variety of settings, such as commercial buildings, residential communities, government facilities, and private events. We are trained to assess potential threats and respond appropriately, using both verbal communication and physical force if necessary.

Surveillance and undercover investigations are two of the most common services offered by private investigators. Surveillance is the act of observing someone or something without their knowledge or consent, while undercover investigations involve an investigator posing as someone they are not in order to gather information or evidence.

Witness statements and interviews are an important part of many private investigations. Witness statements can provide valuable information about what happened during an incident, and witness interviews can help investigators to understand the context of the incident and the motivations of the witnesses.

Child Custody Safety
Subpoena & Process Serving
Photography Investigations

Child custody safety is a specialized service that private investigators can provide to parents who are involved in child custody disputes. This service can help parents to protect their children from harm and to ensure that they are safe during and after a divorce or separation.

Subpoena and process serving is a service that private investigators can provide to attorneys. Subpoenas are legal documents that require a person to appear in court or to produce documents. Process servers are people who are authorized to serve subpoenas.

Photography investigations are a specialized type of investigation that private investigators can conduct. These investigations can be used to document evidence, such as the scene of an accident or the activities of a person under surveillance.

Spousal Investigation

Spousal investigations are a type of private investigation that is conducted to gather information about a spouse's activities. This information can be used to determine if the spouse is having an affair, is involved in criminal activity, or is otherwise putting the family at risk.

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